"korpora zei sisku" is a corpus searching tool for texts written in Lojban.

The data is parsed and annotated with data from jbofi'e, and falls back on cmafi'e for word segmentation and selma'o-tagging in case the sentence does not parse.


Simply enter the word you want to search for and press search. The hits and their corresponding sentence will pop up below. You can click the words to get more information about them, and navigate between them using the arrow keys.

How to search for a terbri

Go to the Extended search tab. Use tags and contains (or regexp), and enter for example traji3.



This is an adaption by Dan Rosén (danr) of the Swedish corpus search system Korp, developed at Språkbanken. The page is kindly hosted by Alex Burka (durka).

Further directions

We need help with:

The annotation tools and parts of the corpora are hosted at github, as well as the modified version of jbofi'e.